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West Sussex Research Group unveil Plans for Scar Bio Bank

The ‘Scar Study’ is a collaboration between Blond McIndoe Research Foundation, The Queen Victoria Hospital and Horder HealthCare. All three organisations are based on the East Grinstead campus and share a collective aspiration to deliver patient-oriented innovations.

The aim of the Scar Study is to develop a scar tissue biobank which will assist research in understanding processes and therapies that lead to scar-free healing. The potential to reduce the impact of scarring on the patient exists through the development of novel materials, cell therapies and medicines. In order to understand how these therapies should be developed, a better understanding of the molecules and proteins (biomarkers) involved in scarring is necessary. Knowing the involvement of these biomarkers in scarring will enable innovative approaches to be harnessed, perhaps enhancing the body’s own regenerative processes to promote scar-free healing.

For more information on the study, please follow the link to view the Blond McIndoe Scar Study Overview Proposal.


If you would like to understand more about the study or would like to be involved as a sponsor, please get in touch with CEO, Maxine Smeaton maxine.smeaton@blondmcindoe.org or telephone her on 01342 414295.




As a Patron and long-time supporter of Blond McIndoe, I am writing to ask for your support for a strategic research initiative that aims to improve the lives of adults and children who have suffered serious damage or disfigurement as a result of scarring from burns, major soft tissue trauma or disease.  

As you may know, I experienced a serious scald at the age of eighteen months old and spent the first five years of my life in hospital.  I benefited from incredible medical expertise, care and support, stemming from the research and treatment given to the McIndoe Guinea Pigs.  This paved the way for future generations.

You may not be aware, but scarring is a life-long condition that causes pain, redness, itching and severely restricts movement.  Scarred areas often require regular surgery to relieve tension across joints as the body grows and changes.   It is astonishing to know that scarring affects over a hundred million people each year but has no reliable effective treatment or cure.   

The Scientists at Blond McIndoe, together with Clinicians from the East Grinstead campus, are working together to develop innovations that aim to advance scar free healing.  The scar bio-bank will be the first of its kind in the UK and the programmes of work arising from it have the potential to benefit research across many scientific groups working in this area, both nationally and globally.

Accidents will continue to happen… more and more research is needed.  Please consider supporting this incredible work. 

Thank you.


Amanda Redman

Actress, Patron, Burns Survivor

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