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Horsham Enterprise Park

National urban regeneration specialist, Muse Developments, has been appointed by West Sussex County Council to lead the works to develop Horsham Enterprise Park.

The local economy has received a major boost with the appointment of a development partner for this high-quality commercial space in Horsham. Plans are now underway to transform Horsham Enterprise Park to meet future business demand.

As part of our long-standing commitment to this development, West Sussex County Council has appointed national urban regeneration specialist, Muse Developments, to lead the works to develop the site. Muse is one of the leading names in bringing new life to town and city centres, through its unique brand of high-quality mixed-use development delivered through long-term partnerships.

As part of the development, Muse will engage with Oxford Innovation to deliver an Enterprise Hub. This will encourage new business and economic activity, with a focus on start-ups, micro and small businesses. The Enterprise Hub will support new small business growth in and around the Horsham area.


Other key features planned for the site include:

  • A series of new ‘character areas’ forming a network of safe pedestrian and cycling routes that connect the site with the surrounding areas of Horsham.
  • Innovative, sustainable landscape that minimises the impact of cars.
  • Celebrating the iconic 1930s Art Deco central building and the grand avenue of Blue Cedar trees and giving them a central role in the development.
  • Good architecture and high-quality public realm to generate civic pride and support a thriving community, in turn generating lasting economic and social value.


For further information visit the Horsham Enterprise Park website.