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Apprenticeships are available for people aged 16 years plus. From June 2017, Graduates have been able to undertake an apprenticeship as long as it is at a higher level than their current degree or in a significantly different subject area.

Apprenticeships bring businesses many benefits:

  • A highly motivated and responsive worker, qualified on completion of their training scheme.
  • A great way to attract new people into the workforce, enhancing diversity.
  • Bring new transferable skills to the established workforce.
  • Provide recognised career development and progression routes.
  • Relevant training designed by employers and technical experts.
  • A way of meeting skills shortages and reducing staff turnover.
  • Provides an opportunity for existing staff to gain supervisory experience.
  • Funding is available from the Government for the training programme and employer grants can be accessed from Local Authorities, including West Sussex County Council’s Apprenticeship Levy Transfer

For further information, and to take a look at all the current apprenticeship vacancies in West Sussex, visit the West Sussex Apprenticeships site (please note this includes vacancies from WSCC and other West Sussex employers) and our Apprenticeship Graduation page.