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Innovative marketing course launched in Bognor Regis
23rd February 2021

A free, digital learning programme aimed specifically at helping businesses crack the marketing code is set to launch through The_Track in Bognor Regis.

In a break from the ocean of online seminars, the Creative Hub will offer a ‘learn at your own pace’ marketing course for business owners wanting to grow their enterprise, but in their own time.

Launching March 1st, the six-week course will cover a range of topics, from how to write a sales and marketing brief for your business, to branding, creative tactics, storytelling and the psychology of influence. Each week those who register will be sent a PDF lesson full of guidance, real-world examples and simple exercises.

Then, a week later, learners can attend a live zoom webinar if they wish to ask questions, get feedback on the exercises or discuss how that week’s learning can be applied to their own businesses.  

The training is being delivered by Bob Maddams, Co-community manager at The_Track. Bob said: “One of the more positive outcomes of these tough times has been the adoption of digital support, with a plethora of live webinars, workshops and masterclasses available online.

However, despite this welcome easy-to-access guidance, it can often restrict business owners to having to commit to a block of time during busy periods. That’s why we have launched our own self-learning programme, to give busy freelancers, founders and team members the freedom to learn at their own pace and break the zoom fatigue.

Marketing is one of the most consistently requested topics for small business support, and so naturally, we wanted to make this issue the first in what we hope will turn into an ongoing and alternative avenue for small business support.

We’d encourage anyone looking to grow their business and their own skills and knowledge, to head to our website and sign up.”

You can register for this programme now. For further information about The_Track, visit

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