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Recruiting an age diverse workforce

West Sussex County Council recognises the importance of being in fulfilling work at every stage of your career.

There are more people over the age of 50 in the workforce than ever before and as the demographics of our county change, residents are working for longer, retiring later and looking for new work-based challenges throughout their careers.

The landscape of our workforce is changing as we are living longer. By 2022 the number of people in the workforce aged 50 to State Pension age will have risen to 13.8 million, while the number aged 16-49 will have reduced by 700,000 (A New Vision for Older Workers, UK Gov). 

As the older population increases, the number of jobs being created is also on the rise. Business in the Community recently forecast that 14.5 million more jobs are expected be created by 2022 with only 7 million younger workers entering the workforce - this represents a 7.5 million gap. 

    • How can we address the changing demographics of our County?
    • How can businesses plan for succession?

We are encouraging businesses to rise to the challenge of a more mature workforce, by being open to adapting their businesses to the needs of older workers. We have some examples of local innovative organisations that are doing just that. 

For some this might mean being open to flexible working, others might be encouraged to offer training to all staff regardless of age. For others it might mean responding to the needs of employees with caring responsibilities by offering part time work or altered working hours.

Find further support on how to help your business plan for a more age-diverse workforce.

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