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Workplace Guidance

Keeping your workplace safe during the Coronavirus pandemic

Although most legal coronavirus restrictions in England were lifted on 19 July 2021, it is important that we remain cautious. Full guidance on how to keep safe and help prevent the spread is being updated regularly.


Make sure that your business is Covid-secure

The government has issued a number of guides based on sectors and types of workplaces to ensure everyone is working safely during the coronavirus.

If you operator a venue or business premises, you will need to consider your covid-safety measures are up to date, including carrying out a Covid-19 risk assessment.


Employer Covid-19 Vaccine Toolkit 

The Employer Covid-19 Vaccine Toolkit has been designed to help businesses run internal awareness campaigns and ensure their employees get access to reliable and accurate information about the Covid-19 vaccine. The toolkit is free to download and includes campaign resources, Q&A, messaging and employer briefings.


Maintaining records of staff, customers, and visitors to support NHS Test and Trace

Although it is no longer a legal requirement for venues to display an NHS QR code or request that customers, visitors and staff 'check in, this is still encouraged

Establishments in the following sectors should encourage attendees to check in and maintain records of staff, customers and visitors who choose to provide their contact details:

  • hospitality, including pubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes
  • tourism and leisure, including theatres, museums and cinemas
  • close contact services
  • places of worship
  • facilities provided by local authorities such as libraries and community centres

Find further inoformation of maintaining records of staff, customers and visitors. 



We are encouraging ALL businesses and organisations with a physical location open to the public to create an official NHS QR code posters to display at their venue entrances to help support contact tracing.

NHS COVID-19 app users will be able to scan the poster as they enter the venue. This means if people visit your venue and later test positive for coronavirus, other app users who were there at the same time may be sent an alert, if local public health teams think this is necessary.

To create your NHS QR code poster, you will need:

  • the address details of each of your venues
  • your email address
  • an email address and contact phone number for each of your locations (e.g. contact details of a store manager, if that's not you)

 Create your NHS QR code poster.

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