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Economic Growth Initiatives

One of West Sussex County Council's top priorities is supporting the recovery of the local economy in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To help achieve this ambition, the County Council has developed the Economy Reset Plan (2020-2024) in response to the impact and challenges posed by the pandemic. The plan is an update of the Economic Growth Plan (2018-2023).


The Economy Reset Plan has nine priority themes, setting out where the County Council is best place to make a difference.

  • Themes 1-3 reflect the spatial economic challenges for Crawley and the wider Gatwick Diamond, and for the coastal and rural economies.
  • Themes 4-5 focus on the fundamental platforms of business start-ups, existing businesses, and employment and skills.
  • Themes 6-7 focus on two key sectors hit hard, the visitor economy, with links to hospitality and the health and social care market, under considerable strain from Covid-19.
  • Themes 8-9 focus on the opportunities we are keen to embrace around digital infrastructure and the application of digital technology to boost business productivity and enahce digital skills and the importance of embedding climate change and the environment in the reset approach.


Read the Economy Reset Plan 2020-2024.


In these pages, you will find key information about the work being carried out by the County Council working in partnership to support the local economy and local businesses.

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