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Research projects

Research Projects

There are numerous company benefits for placing real projects into universities. A few of the benefits are displayed in this diagram.

Postgraduates from many disciplines have the opportunity to use research from external organisations as part of their dissertation, which can benefit all parties.

Some examples of research projects are:

Real life projects in the School of Engineering and Informatics


Final year undergraduates can be involved in individual or group projects. These projects are allocated a certain credit score and have to be completed over a period of time usually 6-9 months. These projects need to come in the middle of spring for them to commence in September. Post graduates have projects, these projects come in early in the calendar year and are ready for the graduates to start in the summer. For additional details on real life projects please view this document.

Research projects in the School of Business, Management and Economics


Undergraduates study a Research Project module, this module provides the opportunity for students to undertake a significant and independent research project. This may be a dissertation in the form of a literature-based analysis of a research problem, or a dissertation in which some primary empirical data is collected and synthesised by the student. If you are interested in submitting a research project please email Shova Thapa Karki via S.Thapa-Karki@sussex.ac.uk.

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